Discworld #4 – Mort by Terry Pratchett

I decided on a whim to read all of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld books in chronological order.  I just completed book #4, Mort.  This book is my favorite of the Discworld series yet.

Death, who speaks in ALL CAPS, acquires an apprentice in the form of one awkward adolescent named (what else?) Mort.  As Mort learns Death’s trade of USHERING SOULS INTO THE NEXT WORLD, Death is able to take more time for himself.  You know, to engage in some earthly delights.

But Mort is just a kid and a human and a boy to boot, so he can’t be counted on to make the most rational decisions all of the time.  When he is sent to collect the soul of a beautiful young princess, he balks.  Thus creating a rift in reality. Pratchett tells us that “History unravels gently, like an old sweater.”  So, the newly created reality doesn’t immediately collide with the previously existing one.  Instead, events in both realities are allowed to unfold allowing time enough for Mort to try to write his wrong, save his princess, and avoid the wrath of Death.

This fourth book in the discworld series continues to pose interesting metaphysical questions in the guise of funny stories.  They are funny, to be sure, but they are thought provoking too.  Have you ever felt like you were seeing and experiencing something different from everyone around you?  Maybe you were.


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