Shout out to Jimmy Norman

Today was a lazy day.  I had not very much to do so I thought I would see what recommendations WordPress had for me about which blogs to follow.  One of the first recommendations was Dysfunctional Literacy.  Great title, right?  So I checked it out and it’s a really great blog.  Really, really great.  It’s funny and well organized and the author’s contempt for James Patterson gives me a glimmer of hope for humanity.  One click lead to another and before I knew it, I had downloaded and read his book, Crap is Not a Bad Word!: and Other Topics Polite People Don’t Discuss by Jimmy Norman.

Crap etc… is funny and a quick read and Jimmy seems like a guy I would want to be friends with, but who might not want to be friends with me because I talk a lot and I don’t always try very hard to be polite.

I am not a writer (other than this stuff and I haven’t decided yet if this counts) and the only things I know about writing professionally is that it is really hard work and that talent is definitely not the only factor determining who gets published and read and famous and rich. So, I am really impressed by people who are willing to write and self publish and self promote and don’t just hope that some publishing house executive will stumble across their manuscript and recognize their genius.   So, hats off to you, Jimmy.  I enjoyed your book.

Also, yinz know I don’t swear in these posts, but I couldn’t resist.


I am keeping on ongoing list of all of the books I have read in 2016 here.  Always looking for suggestions!


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