The Wolf Road by Beth Lewis

What if the man that you always thought of as your father had a dark secret?  The man who took you in when you had no one, taught you to hunt and trap and fish, patched you up when you got hurt, and made the best damn jerky in the world.  That man.  What if he was actually a serial killer?  What does that make you?

This is the question that Elka has to confront as she flees across a post-apocalyptic Canada, running from the law and from the man who was the only family she has ever really known.  How much did she know? Elka says that her head made doors and locked memories behind them.  If those doors are unlocked, what will she learn about herself?

The Wolf Road is told in the first person and written in Elka’s unschooled country dialect.  This slowed my reading down a bit, but also helped to more fully immerse me in Elka’s world.  I love a good premise, but I need the characters to ring true in order to really love a book.  Elka’s character is so robust, so beautifully developed, so relatable that her unbelievable journey feels true as life.  She is loyal in spite of her betrayals and honest in spite of her lies.  She is lovable in spite of being unloved. I couldn’t help but root for her the whole way through.


I am keeping on ongoing list of all of the books I have read in 2016 here.  Always looking for suggestions!


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